Dan Regazzi

I am a web designer and front-end web developer.

I believe websites should be easy to use and free of clutter while maintaining a clean and pleasing visual style. My websites are designed to work in all of the most popular browsers and use the most modern developments in html and css whenever ever possible.

If you are interested in learning more about me, you can view Resume and Portfolio on this site. You may contact me by visiting the social networking sites below or sending an e-mail to danregazzi@gmail.com.


My Work

  • Adesa.com
    Website for the Auction Auction company Adesa, Inc.
    View this site
  • Raiders of Azeroth
    Guild site for the WoW guild Raiders of Azeroth
  • DAO: The Deep Roads
    Website for Dragon Age: Origins mod The Deep Roads
    View this site
  • pLan X Gaming
    Website for pLAN X Gaming Lan Party.
    View this site
  • Dealer Direct
    Customer site for Toyota Dealers to interface with the ADESA.com auction system.
    View this site
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